As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning by Laurie Lee
Travel to see people smile

Travelling to faraway destinations helps get rid of stress and depression. It provides you with a safety valve before things deteriorate to the point of eruption.

You will discover smiling places and people, where the chant of ocean waves will lull you to sleep and a breeze will stir your sun-bronzed skin.

There will be no boss, no deadlines and no pesky customers to deal with.

Travel refreshes the neural pathways of your brain and shines a different light on things you used to take for granted. Suddenly, you discover the earth is full of people just like you, struggling through the day, losing loved ones and depressed about problems that are not worth a sweat.

If you are bored and tired – book a trip. See places you once read only from magazines and books, savour strange cuisines, absorb unfamiliar cultures, shoot exotic landscapes. These are reasons for a life-enriching experience. – Francis Chin, 2010