Explore Lisbon on tram and on foot

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful historic cities in Europe. Because of its compact size, it is also easy to explore, on foot or riding the electric tram.

Tram 28 takes you along the narrow streets of Alfama which is next to Baixa, the business heart of Lisbon.

Get your camera ready to shoot Lisbon Sé Cathedral at the entrance of Alfama. The ride ends at San Jorge (St George) Castle on the highest hill of the city, overlooking the Tagus River.

On arrival at the airport, buy the Lisbon Pass season ticket that gives you free tram and bus rides and discounts on entrance fees to most museums.

Beware of pickpockets when there is a crowd in the tram. I saw two old men who lifted the wallet of an American tourist. Fortunately the daughter noticed too and shouted and the entire crowd in the tram surrounded the pickpockets who returned the wallet intact.

From St George’s Castle, walk downhill towards the Commercial Square fronting the Tagus River. There is a Fado Museum nearby where you can soak in Portuguese folk music and experience the famous feeling of saudade.

From Baixa, take a bus to Belem, half an hour away, to see the Discoveries Monument that commemorates Portugual's Age of Discoveries in the 15th Century.

Nearby is Belem Tower and further back is the massive Jeronimos Monastery which now houses the Maritime Museum and National Archaeology Museum.

See next page for photos of Belem.

All pictures taken during a weeklong visit to Lisbon in January, 2017.
– Francis Chin

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The Praça do Comércio or Commerce Square is an open space facing the Tagus river. In the background hilltop is the Castle of St George lighted up. Below, a busker at Santa Justa in the Baixa central district, a minute's walk away
Entrance to the Castle of St George. Below: the Sé Cathedral de Santa Catarina, Lisbon's main centre of worship
Tram no.28 in Alfama district, on our way to St George Castle. Below: Free wine-tasing at a street corner in Alfama
In the Fado Museum in Alfama. All the locations in the photos are within short walking distances of one another.

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