Relish Seoul

When the weather is warm and pleasant, head for Seoul to relish authentic Korean food. Dining out in the beautiful city is a pleasurable experience, with many restaurants serving a wide range of traditional dishes.

For a full-course Korean lunch, visit Baedongbaji in Samcheong-dong. For US$15 per person, you can sample popular dishes like japchae (crystal noodles stir-fried with sliced beef and veggies), doenjang jjigae (stew made with bean paste, tofu and veggies or meat) and sengsun ya-chae jeon (fried fish with vegetables).

The restaurant is inside a hanok or small traditional wooden home, and is just a short walk from the three-way junction on the main road. Take subway line 3 to Anguk Station and take Exit 1.

For the Korean specialty, kalbi, grilled marinated beef, check out Arirang Folk Restaurant directly behind the Westin Chosun Hotel. Take subway line 2 to Ulchiro 1-ga Station and get out at Exit 7.

Sanchon Restaurant is the place to try out tempting dishes made from fresh ingredients. Hot favorites are wild sesame and rice porridge, the seven mountain-vegetable Kimchi and delectable Tofu platter.

Kayarang is another popular restaurant; you can taste Jungsik which is a special meal comprising of rice and other side dishes. The restaurant also offers local folk songs and dances to entertain the guests.

Deong Na Mu Jip is the place for barbeque items. The specialty is a barbeque dish of pork belly or samkyubsal. You can also try out the combination dish of rice and roasted pork with Korean sauces. The place serves a well-known soup prepared with seafood, rice cake, dumpling and kimchi. There is another delicious dish, handmade Korean noodles or kalguksu made with hot sauce. Traditional drinks are also served.

Ong Gi Chon restaurant serves platters of broiled pork, sirloin steak and duck. Savoured them with ssamjang which is a Korean sauce. Octopus is a favourite on the menu.

Hwangtomaru restaurant is the place for an elaborate Korean meal, and sanchae bibimbap which is a mixed rice with mountain vegetables.